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Depression, anxiety, and lack of self-esteem are problems that are extremely common in teenagers, especially nowadays, where standing out in society and popularity have become important topics in the search for identity and transition to adult life.

The new film from Universal Pictures “Dear Evan Hansen” It touches precisely these sensitive fibers that young people rarely want to talk about, plunging them into internal crises and emotional conflicts that lead them to experience suffering alone and that negatively impact their mental health.

Based on the famous Broadway musical of the same name, which has defined an entire generation, the installment addresses the history of Evan Hansen, an isolated boy with social anxiety whose life is about to turn 180 degrees, improving his environment or completely ruining it.

The film stars the Grammy and Emmy winner, Ben Platt, who repeats the role that has led him to success in the theater.

Stephen Chbosky, Director of the film “Wonder” (“Extraordinary” in Latin America) has now put himself behind the project to give us an important lesson that will touch the hearts and sensitize millions of people to something completely pure, real and devastating moments.

Combining emotional songs with a deep message and all the power of drama through well-constructed characters and situations, “Dear Evan Hansen” aims to make a mark on viewers to raise awareness of youth depression and suicide prevention.

The official synopsis is as follows:

Evan Hansen (Platt) is on the outside always looking in, a senior high school student who is almost invisible to his classmates. A motivation letter Evan writes to himself is stolen by Connor Murphy (starring Colton Ryan), a volatile loner in Evan’s class. Later, Evan is contacted by Connor’s mother and father after the boy took his own life. They believe that the letter found in their son’s pocket means that he has finally found a true friend: Evan Hansen.

To comfort a grieving family, Evan tells the story of a friendship that never existed. What begins as an innocent lie of compassion spirals in ways Evan does not expect and is not prepared for. As he begins to be celebrated by someone who isn’t, Evan struggles to find the courage to speak the truth and be seen for who he really is.

Aside from Ben Platt, the cast is made up of the six-time Oscar nominee, Amy Adams, and the Oscar winner Julianne Moore. They also participate Danny Pino, Amandla Stenberg and Kaitlyn Dever.

At a press conference for the media, including San Diego Red, we had the opportunity to ask Ben Platt, Amandla Sterberg and Julianne Moore if they had ever been through a situation similar to that of the protagonists of the film. Ben was the first to reply:

I think we’ve all had our versions of mental health struggles or emotional issues. I speak personally and grateful that I didn’t have to deal with what Evan and Connor went through with their lack of acceptance as I was privileged enough to grow up in a family that embraced me for who I was and thankfully I never went through those extremes, but of course that I have had personal doubts, lack of self-esteem. It’s always helpful for me to surround myself with people who love me unconditionally, who can bring me back to Earth and remind me about the things that really matter.

For its part, PowerSaid to have lived a tough season during his adolescence, however, he saw an encouraging outlook at the end, especially for those who resist the onslaught of fate.

I relate a lot to my character and to the battles of all the characters in the film. I was very hard on myself when I was in high school. I was very self-critical, had a hard time making friends, and was generally uncomfortable in my skin, unsure of how to navigate the world, but you know? I think I wish, at that age, I had had a window of who I am now because that would have given me a lot of hope, and I think that is the kind of window that maybe many kids need at that age.

He explained that as one grows older, the context of how one feels becomes greater thanks to maturity, since each one will find understanding and understanding in the people around him, making you feel more confident, experiencing exciting and positive things. in your life, thus escaping from how overwhelming the world can sometimes seem.

Julianne Moore He concluded with a reflection:

I think for children to see this: anxiety, depression, problems and lack of self-esteem… all those topics will make them understand that they are human issues that happen to everyone in different degrees. Just seeing yourself reflected in this film will be important to teens.

“Dear Evan Hansen” opens on September 24 in theaters.

You can see the excerpt from the interview with subtitles here below:


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“Dear Evan Hansen”, the film about youth depression that will touch your heart – nonenglishfeed