Daniel Craig’s Final Day As James Bond Ended On The Perfect Shot

Daniel Craig filmed his final scenes as James Bond for No Time to Die, and the last shot he ever did as the character was a perfect end.

Daniel Craig’s last day as James Bond was a perfect ending to the star’s time in the role. Because of the repeated delays to No Time to Die’s release date, Craig has remained the active Bond despite having announced his departure from the role after finishing production in 2019. That’s made his actual 007 farewell a little later than anticipated, but he sent the character off perfectly on his last day of shooting for No Time to Die.

When Craig was announced as the new James Bond after Pierce Brosnan’s time leading the franchise, many fans rejected him. His gruffer, edgier style seemed at odds with character’s traditional suave style. Despite all the doubters, Craig debuted with one of the best Bond films to date in Casino Royale, earning high praise and quickly winning over many of those who initially objected to his casting. If No Time to Die ends up being as good as the trailers have made it look, it will be the perfect finale to one of the best eras of 007 to date.

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In the new documentary Being James Bond, No Time to Die producer Michael Wilson revealed the final shot Craig ever filmed as 007, and it’s absolutely perfect. Per Wilson, Craig’s last scene on his last day was a shot of him “Running down an alley and disappearing out of shot,” unintentionally signifying the end of his time as the iconic super spy. The producer called the shot “just unbelievable” in its coincidental poignancy – sentiments that were echoed by fellow producer and Bond franchise co-owner Barbara Broccoli.

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Craig may have done more for the James Bond franchise than any star since Sean Connery himself, and it’s only fitting that last time playing the character on camera fit so well with his departure from the role. Over five films in fifteen years, he was instrumental in revitalizing the franchise for the modern era – taking the best bits of past Bonds and blending them with a tone and charisma that was unmistakably modern. Like any 007, not all of Craig’s films were winners, but he delivered two all-time greats in Casino Royale and Skyfall.

It’s currently unclear where the world of James Bond will go in Craig’s absence. The conversation surrounding his replacement has heated up again as No Time to Die approaches release, but no matter who takes his place, they’ll never be able to do what he’s done the way he’s done it. The next 007 star may be astonishing their own way, but there will never be another James Bond like Daniel Craig’s.

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Daniel Craig’s Final Day As James Bond Ended On The Perfect Shot