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The embrace of the serpent

‘The embrace of the serpent’, by Ciro Guerra, 2015.


‘The embrace of the serpent’, by Ciro Guerra, 2015.

‘The embrace of the snake’ leads the national participation in the awards.

The Oscar awards They are considered the highest pinnacle of film recognition: being among the nominees or earning a statuette is, for many in the industry, the most important thing.

In the history of Colombian cinema, three names have appeared in the nominees or awards by the Hollywood Academy, made up of almost 7,000 members, which grants the Oscar.

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The first time a Colombian was mentioned in the Oscar it was in 1996, in the Student Academy Award category. . Patricia Cardoso won the award for her short film El Reino de los cielos (1995), which was her graduate thesis. In 2013, Juan David Aristizabal repeated in the same section with ‘A Second Change’.

In 2005, the Bogota Catalina Sandino Moreno She became the first national actress to be a candidate for the prized statuette with her character as a young pregnant woman who agrees to carry drugs in her stomach in the movie ‘María full eres de gracia’. Directed by Joshua Marton it did not win but competed with figures such as Imelda Staunton, Annette Bening, Kate Winslet and Hilary Swank, the latter, the winner.

The group of Colombians at the Oscars closes it with luxury the film ‘Embrace of the serpent’, directed by Ciro Guerra and produced by Cristina Gallego, was nominated for best foreign film in 2016. It was an unprecedented feat both in its making and in the accolades it achieved.

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Colombians who have been nominated for the Oscars – Film and TV – Culture