Charlie Hunnam, the actor’s style under examination


12 years have passed since we first saw Charlie Hunnam portray Jackson “Jax” Teller, the member of the motorcycle club of Sons of Anarchy that would have us hooked for seven seasons. One might think that, after so long playing the protagonist of the series, something would stick to the character in terms of style. Yet Hunnam is the personified antithesis of that rebel-patched vest Jax used to ride his Harley Davidson. His are berets (which have fallen in love with more than one famous person), American women, jackets bomber and the most timeless sports shoes. A sum of key garments to pass our filter of classy men with note. This April 10 turns 39: we do a review of the best looks of the actor And frankly, we can’t wait to copy them all.

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Like an english dandy

The actor shows off his English elegance in an impeccable three-piece suit. It shows that, as a good dandy, I walk down Savile Row.


All to denim

A nifty way to wear more than one denim garment without looking like something out of a western, is to add layers of clothing in other fabrics. Copy the actor and add a basic t-shirt and a coat, the difference in length in the garments will add interest to the look.


A modern Peaky Blinder

Are you sure you haven’t made a cameo in Peaky Blinders? In any case, the actor is too happy to look like a Birmingham gangster. Swapping out suit pants for jeans is a very slick way to update the look.


Navy blue casual

It is clear that Charlie Hunnam’s are the outfits single color and plain garments. Allowing yourself that yes, licenses like the hunter bomber with side stripes, or the New Balance shoes with a white sole.


The rebel touch

Yes, we know, the shock seeing Hunnam in a three-piece does not lose effect by repetition. But do not be misled by his polished appearance and impeccable hairstyle, the actor has an ace up his sleeve or, rather, in his hand. Are those rings like the ones you wear on Sons of Anarchy?


Any weekend

As much as we think, we can’t think of a better antagonist to the t-shirt and the leather jacket than the polo shirt and the jacket. bomber. Just as there is no greater enemy of biker boots than a suede lace shoe.


The black suit

Yes, he’s still Charlie Hunnam, even though he’s dressed in a black suit and has Jax Teller’s hair cut off. And frankly, we like the result.


A classy t-shirt

We know that Hunnam’s mastery of styling lies in his mastery of basic garments. What we hoped would be capable of making a black t-shirt look elegant to us.


With open suit

We return to the black suit, but this time unbuttoned and with the recognizable blonde hair. Which version do you prefer?


A daily beret

If we were to summarize the outfit that defines the actor would be this: a beret, a bomber and some sneakers. A look winner crediting him as an Esquire man. Have you taken note?

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Charlie Hunnam, the actor’s style under examination