July 24, 2021

Starting from a whim to create content, Jebung didn’t expect to be famous: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Jessica Sabar Bungauli Silaban, or better known as Jebung, is a singer and TikTok celebrity who was born in Jakarta. This 21-year-old girl is famous for her melodious voice which covers a song called Dark Horse on Tiktok which has reached 184.9 million viewers. Jebung, who was met backstage by the RCTI+ Live Chat Plus team, will tell you about his career journey, in full on RCTI+.

The name Jebung itself was created because when he was in high school, there were 4 friends named Jessica. And when called by the teacher, all the children named Jessica were confused. Therefore, Jessica Bunga gave a name to be her nickname as Jebung. Currently, Jebung has a busy schedule to create various content and new single songs.

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“When I was little, I liked to follow my father who liked to sing. Finally, my mother took me to a singing class,” he explained. Jebung’s mother felt that her daughter had a talent for singing. Therefore, Jebung was included for singing lessons. In 2020, it turned out that Jebung had registered for the Indonesian Idol audition. “I’ve been going to singing auditions a lot since I was 8 years old. The last time I tried Indonesian Idol was last year, but I haven’t received it yet. Maybe that’s not the way to go this time, I finally got famous through social media,” he explained.

Jebung first used Tiktok in July 2020. Because his best friend felt the content he created on Instagram was very suitable to be uploaded into Tiktok. “At first, I was not confident about making content on TikTok, because at that time I made a cover video for a song that only 3 people liked. I finally remake a video cover of one of the people who are busy on tiktok and finally made the video without any preparation. Even then, I recorded it in front of the bathroom and didn’t take a shower either, I didn’t think it could be millions of dollars a day,” he said. Because of the uploaded video, Jebung is now famous and has received many offers to sing on various television programs.

What is the story of Jebung’s career journey like? Learn more in Live Chat Plus exclusively on RCTI+.

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