July 24, 2021

AB Three Reunion Soon? This is what Widi Mulia said: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Back again at the Halo Celeb Hitz Podcast by Celebrities.id which will fill your time at home with stories from celebrities that hit the country. For those of you who miss the band AB Three, it’s just right! In this chat, we will have fun with one of the personnel who has now become a young mother, but is still multitalented and youthful, namely Widi Mulia! Curious about how much fun they have? Let’s just listen to it on RCTI+.

Even though he is not active with the music group that made his name, namely AB Three, Widi Mulia still keeps himself busy with various activities, including taking care of his children to a solo career. So, when it comes to AB Three, when will these three beautiful, melodious voices return?

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When asked about the AB Three reunion, Widi responded like this, “Reunion? If it’s over, we’re not done with it, actually.” Many think that AB Three has been disbanded all this time, but actually these three women are just vacuuming because they are already busy with their respective families.

Although he did not disband, Widi did not deny that the three of them had not seen each other in person for a long time, especially during a pandemic like now. “Just yesterday we talked to Nola about making a new single, there was a plan, only about a month ago,” said Widi. It’s just that because of the impossible situation, it still hasn’t been realized. However, Widi still assures that they keep trying, “we keep trying,” he said.

Curious about how the conversation with Widi Mulia will continue? Let’s hear more on the Halo Celeb Hitz Podcast only on RCTI+.

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