Mario Poltronieri, among the first to talk about Motorsport with elegance and irony

Five years after the death of the famous commentator, we recall the era of racing, of F1 and motorcycles, narrated by him. They were races far from the current show business, with less means, but more simplicity and humanity: times of calm and sober comments, respectful of pilots and viewers, far from today’s shouted news … Read more

The match(es) to watch tonight: will Mertens’ body hold up?

Is our compatriot Elise Mertens asking too much of her body, which gave her a warning signal at the start of the season with a thigh injury? We could already have an answer to this question next night since the Limburger will take possession of court number 8 with on her program a single against … Read more

Belgian Tom Saintfiet can write Gambia history at CAN

“I don’t really like this word globetrotter, I’m a globetrotter to be a coach, not a coach to be a globetrotter,” explains the coach. With his grizzled Professor Tournesol look, this multilingual and smiling technician trained on four continents to reach, at the age of 48, this match against Tunisia in Limbé (8:00 p.m.), Thursday, … Read more

Thierry Neuville: “Never seen such a dry Monte-Carlo”

The Monte-Carlo 2022 will be grey, the color of the bitumen and there will only be a single complicated choice of tires to make on this 90th edition marked by very mild temperatures during the day. Thierry, you have just finished the reconnaissance, how is the route? “The driest I have seen in the last … Read more

Bianchi: «In the presence of 93.4% of the classes. Most infections during the holidays “

from Gianna Fregonara In Dad already 20,185 classes in Dad. Bianchi in the hearing in the Chamber provided the updated data on Wednesday at 12. The worst situation in Sicily, Campania, the region with fewer closures. The Minister: I know there are problems in schools At 12 on Wednesday 93.4 percent of the classes were … Read more

The Swedes’ giant bang against Dortmund: “Haaland got a little angry…”

Published: Less than 20 minutes ago The Swedish team St Pauli was responsible for the huge bang. Eric Smith and Sebastian Ohlsson sent Erling Haaland and Borussia Dortmund out of the German Cup. – It is without a doubt the biggest match I have played and won, Smith says to Sportbladet. A little in the … Read more

Zaaluje Zeman svho mluvho za klobsu a knedlky? pt se Stehlkov –

Zeman by měl žalovat i mluvčího Ovčáčka za výroky o vinné klobáse a meruňkových knedlících, reagovala psychiatrička. Hrad poslal Stehlíkové předžalobní výzvu, v níž ji žádá o omluvu za výrok  „lze předpokládat, že prezident Miloš Zeman byl hospitalizován kvůli metabolickému rozvratu v rámci alkoholické jaterní cirhózy.“ Podle právníka Hradu Marka Nespala si ale Stehlíková nevyzvedává … Read more

A quarrel of million stars in a match ?! It’s normal, said the coach of Chelsea –

Belgian jewel Romelu Lukaku and his attacking partner Hakim Ziyech explained the events on the lawn very sharply. Both fighters were subjected to severe criticism after the previous match on Saturday in Manchester City (1: 0). “It is normal. To be honest, I’m happy when players aren’t happy with their performance. It’s right that they … Read more

Alpine skiing: downhill skiers are looking forward to Kitzbühel

Kriechmayr has already won a race in Kitzbühel. In 2021 the Upper Austrian won the Super-G. But there won’t be that this year. The 30-year-old, who finished second in 2020, has two chances on Friday and Saturday (11:30 a.m. each time, live on ORF1) to triumph in the downhill for the first time. “A downhill … Read more

Corona: RKI meldet mehr als 112.000 Neuinfektion in Deutschland – WELT

Die Zahl der Corona-Neuinfektionen in Deutschland hat die Marke von 100.000 am Tag überstiegen. Das Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) gab die Zahl der Neuinfektionen in den vergangenen 24 Stunden am Mittwochmorgen mit 112.323 an. Am Vortag hatte der Wert noch bei 74.405 gelegen, vor einer Woche waren es 80.430. Es handelte sich um einen neuen Tageshöchstwert. … Read more