“Grande Sécu”: “We must work for a better articulation between a high-level public system and mutual societies”

Tribune. The discussions, apparently technical, on the “great Security” reveal a more fundamental debate, bearing on democracy and the way of organizing solidarity. The idea of ​​”great security” is based on a conception of democracy structured around an omnipresent and centralized State. The current system, with its multiplicity of actors, is considered inefficient and generates … Read more

Grande Sécu: “Mutualist players promote a virtuous, non-profit and democratic model”

Tribune. The hardships endured with the Covid-19 pandemic have rightly prompted reflections on the future of our health system, provoking debates that are intensifying with the upcoming elections. Thus, some suggest that we could do without complementary health, that the French could be better treated, at a lower cost, by advocating “a large Social Security” … Read more

“I couldn’t do my job properly”: disappointed with the hospital, these midwives preferred to open their private practice

By Sandra Favier Posted today at 8:00 a.m., updated at 08:19 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers StoryPoor working conditions and pay have mobilized midwives since the start of 2021. Hospital and liberal professionals are on strike again this weekend. On this rather banal day in 2013, Mélanie Gobillard, then a midwife in a hospital in … Read more

Diabetes: let’s finally make insulin accessible to everyone!

Tribune. The Canadian Frederick Banting, born November 14 in 1891, is, with Charles Best, the co-discoverer of insulin. It is therefore natural that this anniversary date was chosen to celebrate International Diabetes Day! It was in the summer of 1921 that their work enabled the preparation of purified insulins which could be used in the … Read more

“I thought that in the hospital, she would be protected”: the suicide of a young girl within the AP-HP questions the safety standards

The entrance to Ambroise-Paré hospital, in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), March 18, 2020. BENOIT DURAND / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP Véronique Le Mouel often wakes up at 2 a.m. A start in the twilight, caused by his mind remained frozen at a time when this January 27, the head of the pediatric department of the Ambroise-Paré hospital, … Read more

Midwives: an agreement signed between unions and government for further wage increases

The negotiation is finally coming to an end. The government announced, Monday, November 22, the signing of a memorandum of understanding with a majority of unions in the hospital sector on midwives. After “A long process of consultation”, the ministers of health, Olivier Véran, and of the public service, Amélie de Montchalin, as well as … Read more

For Science 24/11 // Long Covid: many questions remain

Exchanges with speckled foils, contrasting with the harshness of the debates of recent days on social networks: patients, doctors and researchers met, Friday, November 19, at the Palais des Congrès in Nancy, during a national scientific day on the Covid long, coordinated by the French-language Infectious Pathology Society (Spilf). Some two hundred people were present, … Read more

DART, a kamikaze mission to learn how to protect yourself from asteroids

NASA illustration showing the Italian Space Agency’s DART spacecraft and Licia Cube, before impact on the Didymos binary system. HANDOUT / AFP Of all the horrors that threaten the Earth and especially its inhabitants, the most devastating – but also the one that has the lowest probability of occurring – comes from space: the collision … Read more

Intersex children: clarifying the law of bioethics

On August 2, the new law on bioethics was promulgated. His article 30 is devoted to “Children with variation in genital development” (VDG). “It is the first legal text in France to refer to it”, notes the professor-researcher in law Benjamin Moron-Puech, in a context where the supervision of early interventions to end their sexual indeterminacy, … Read more