Covid-19: on the trail of patients “incubators” of variants

A woman is tested for the Covid-19 virus, at the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Center, in Masiphumelele (South Africa), in December 2020. JOAO SILVA / NYT-REDUX / REA The lack of resources allocated to HIV treatment in Nelson Mandela Bay, a metropolis located in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa, may well have created … Read more

COP26, day 1: world leaders urged to act now to “save humanity”

Find every day at the end of the day the highlights of the 26e United Nations conference, which will be held until November 12, as well as insights from journalists from the World. What you must remember : The world must act now to “Save humanity” catastrophic impacts of global warming, urged, Monday 1is November, … Read more

Covid-19: why the number of cases is increasing in Singapore, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world

The city-state is experiencing a wave of unprecedented magnitude. Some see it as the failure of vaccination. This is mainly the effect of a change in strategy: for the first time, the disease circulates freely. EDGAR SU / REUTERS This is the latest argument from opponents of vaccination against Covid-19: the case of Singapore, which … Read more

Covid-19: Australia, Thailand, South Korea … countries relax traffic restrictions

The world is preparing to pass the 5 million official death mark from Covid-19 on Monday 1is November. But this assessment is largely underestimated, according to the World Health Organization (WHO): taking into account the excess mortality linked to the new coronavirus, due to the lack of detection and treatment of other diseases, as well … Read more

Climate summit: time to take stock, six years after the Paris agreement

After Paris, we can bet that Glasgow will remain in people’s minds. The 26e United Nations climate conference (COP26), organized from October 31 to November 12, in the Scottish city, bears a heavy responsibility: considerably accelerate the fight against climate change to avoid its worst effects, already perceptible all over the globe. To prove, too, … Read more

Les arbres ressuscités de Talensi, dans le nord du Ghana

Et les abeilles sont revenues. Par dizaines de milliers. Sur les flancs des collines Tongo, à l’extrême nord du Ghana, tout près de la frontière avec le Burkina Faso, où ne poussaient que de rares arbustes il y a quelques années encore, les villageois de la communauté Wakii font repousser margousiers, diospyros et autres arbres … Read more

The G20 sends a mixed signal in the fight against global warming

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi (left) and United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres at the opening of the G20 summit in Rome on October 30, 2021. ALBERTO PIZZOLI / AFP From one crisis to another, from one summit to another. Participants in the COP26, which opened on Sunday, October 31 in Glasgow, spent the day … Read more

Pensions, real estate, unemployment and gas: what changes and ultimately does not change, November 1

Agirc-Arrco supplementary pensions increase by 1% for pensions due for November, paid at the very beginning of the month. PETER RUTHERHAGEN/JOHNÉR / PHOTONONSTOP Gas prices, amounts of supplementary private pensions and agricultural pensions, winter break, diagnosis of the energy performance of housing, etc. : update on the main changes for the month of November in … Read more

COP26 and OMM report: last seven years set to be hottest on record

Temperature anomalies for the period January-September 2021 compared to the period 1981-2010, according to the European Center for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts. WORLD METEOROLOGICAL ORGANIZATION “The planet has been propelled into uncharted territory, with far-reaching implications for present and future generations. ” It is in these alarming terms that the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) sums up … Read more

Zoology: truffle birds in Patagonia

Traditionally, truffles are fished with a fly, a pig or a dog, animals with an infallible smell that are used to unearth the precious mushrooms buried in the undergrowth. But in other skies, birds also seem attracted to these nuggets. This is what an American-Chilean team has just discovered, which describes in the review Current … Read more