Energy: “We must have the political courage to initiate a global plan to phase out first-generation biofuels”

Tribune. Today, most of the renewable energies used in the transport sector are based on so-called first generation biofuels, or agrofuels, that is to say fuels made from raw materials used for food. Twenty years after committing to this path, the findings are relentless: carbon footprint questionable or even worse than fossil fuels, pressure on … Read more

In Rome, the G20 will have to convince on the climate

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi (right) greets US President Joe Biden upon his arrival at Palazzo Chigi in Rome on October 29, 2021 ahead of the G20 summit. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP They must discuss the fight against Covid-19, the global economic recovery, and especially the climate: the G20 leaders of the world’s largest economies, … Read more

Caussade dam: prison sentences required for representatives of the Lot-et-Garonne chamber of agriculture

Demonstration of support for the two leaders of the French union Rural Coordination 47 on the first day of the appeal trial, before the Agen court, October 28, 2021. PHILIPPE LOPEZ / AFP Tricolor scarves and yellow caps laid siege, Thursday, October 28, to the courthouse in Agen. Around a hundred elected officials from all … Read more

“The French apple keeps its power of attraction in Newton’s country”

Apple trees in an orchard in Beaumont-Pied-de-Boeuf (Sarthe), in September 2013. JEAN-FRANCOIS MONIER / AFP Raw materials. At the beginning of April, a wave of polar cold swept over France. Few areas escaped the bite of the frost. And the arborists shivered with worry. Despite the fires lit in the fields, they feared their hopes … Read more

Climate: what are the COPs used for and how do they work?

Banners announcing the presence of COP26, in central Glasgow, Scotland, on October 29, 2021. SCOTT HEPPELL / AP For nearly thirty years, countries around the world have come together each year at a summit, under the auspices of the United Nations, to accelerate the fight against climate change. The 26e edition, COP26, will be held … Read more

The Hautes-Alpes vines, a “pioneer front” in the face of climate change

Par Angela Bolis Posted on October 17, 2021 at 3:11 a.m. – Updated on October 18, 2021 at 10:51 a.m. Reserved for our subscribers ReportageThis small vineyard, the highest in France, is experiencing a new boom: its altitude and old grape varieties are assets in the face of global warming. Delphine and Emmanuel Berteloot are … Read more

Covid-19 : faut-il vacciner les moins de 12 ans ? Le point sur ce que l’on sait des bénéfices et des risques

Les vaccins contre le Covid-19 seront-ils autorisés aux moins de 12 ans en France ? La question se pose depuis que Pfizer-BioNTech a déposé à l’Agence européenne des médicaments (AEM) une demande d’autorisation d’urgence pour les 5-11 ans. L’AEM a elle-même annoncé le 18 octobre qu’elle commençait l’évaluation des données. Aux Etats-Unis, le vaccin de Pfizer-BioNTech a été autorisé … Read more

“Let us live! »: In Béarn, the dreams and nightmares of farmers’ children

By Luc Bronner and Laurence Geai Posted October 19, 2021 at 3:48 p.m. – Updated October 26, 2021 at 2:25 p.m. Reserved for our subscribers Fragments of FranceAt the agricultural school of Pau-Montardon, flourishes a rural youth whose horizon is often the resumption of the family farm. A fate all mapped out which secures the … Read more

“For Emmanuel Macron, the ecological transition is above all a technological transition”

Emmanuel Macron speaks during the presentation of the “France 2030” investment plan at the Elysee Palace on October 12, 2021. LUDOVIC MARIN / AP Aith the opening, Sunday, October 31, of the Glasgow (Scotland) conference on climate change (COP26), the news should once again be punctuated by promises, objectives, quantified or not, and the commitments … Read more

“It is high time that France followed the example of its Belgian neighbors and prohibited ritual slaughter”

Tribune. Thursday, October 14, Bernard Clerfayt, Belgian Minister in charge of animal welfare, announced to put back on the table theban on slaughter without “stunning” (ritual) in the Brussels region. We could however fear that, if nothing is done to prevent it, the ritual slaughter, already banned in the rest of Belgium and in other … Read more