Could Lord of the Rings lose its epic quality as movie-watching evolves?

It’s been 20 years since film history changed forever. No, I’m not talking about the release of Zoolander (though it was fair to guess that I was). The first installment in the now-classic Lord of the Rings trilogy debuted back in 2001, acting as a soothing balm for a weary nation still reeling from the … Read more

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F9’s Costume Designer Sanja Hays Discusses the Franchise’s Culture

F9: The Fast Saga Costume Designer Sanja Hays reflects on the film series’ costuming designs and how they influenced fashion culture in the U.S. The Fast & Furious‘ style has, since the premiere of its first film, been an influence on western culture. The high octane series has a down-to-earth aesthetic with a sleek edge that influenced how an entire … Read more

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Jungle CruiseDirector – Jaume Collet-SerraCast – Dwayne Johnson, Emily Blunt, Jack Whitehall, Jesse Plemons, Paul Giamatti The Pirates of the Caribbean hangover is so strong with Jungle Cruise that it almost makes you wonder if Dwayne Johnson swiped Captain Jack Sparrow’s stash of rum and had himself a jolly old time before filming. But outward … Read more

This ‘Suicide Squad’ Actor Used Personal Experiences to Play Villainous Role

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‘Free Guy’ passes £11m atop UK-Ireland box office; ‘The Nest’ makes decent start | News

Rank Movies (Distributor) Three-day gross (Aug 27-29) Total gross to date Week 1 Free Guy (Disney) £ 1.6m £11.2m 3 2 candy man (Universal) £1.1m £1.46m 1 3 The PAW Patrol Movie (Paramount) £563,000 £ 5.9m 3 4 Andre Rieu’s 2021 Summer Concert: Together Again (Piece of Magic Entertainment) £432,000 £432,000 1 5 Jungle Cruise … Read more