5 Compact System Cameras for Enthusiasts | Gadgets

The compact system cameras, better known as mirrorles, They are all the rage, for this reason the offers of brands and models of them are raining in the photographic market. Many compact cameras They are sold under the label of “high-end” and manage to convince people who are looking for better quality or better performance … Read more

Best slow cooker: this is the only right choice [2021]

In addition to hot water taps, smart ovens and other kitchen gadgets, the slow cooker is also becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands. Are you looking for the best slow cooker for your kitchen? Then you probably noticed that there are endless options. Some slow cookers are relatively pricey but offer dozens of cooking functions … Read more

Pixel 6 Performance with Google Tensor Processor | Gadgets News

When Google announced at the October presentation of the Pixel 6 smartphone that compared to its predecessor, the performance of the CPU and GPU of the new product increased by 80% and 370% (4.7x), respectively, it sounded very encouraging. Among other things, this meant that the new Google Tensor processor provides the highest graphics performance … Read more

Huawei introduces new laptops and smartwatches

The Chinese Huawei announced a number of new notebooks, smartwatches and wireless earphones on Thursday. Smartphones were not proposed. It is not known whether this has to do with the American trade embargo on Huawei phones with Android services. There is now also a Pro version of the Huawei Watch GT2 (299 euros). The smart … Read more

Sony announces PlayStation 5 pricing and launch date

A week after Microsoft, Sony has now also announced the prices and launch date of its new game console. With us, the PlayStation 5 will be released on November 19, in the US, Japan and some other regions, gamers can buy the device a week earlier. Sony introduces two models of the PlayStation 5. The … Read more

Apple launches iOS 14 and iPadOS 14: worth updating?

Apple rolled out its brand new operating systems for the iPhone and iPad over the past week. At first glance, the most important ‘news’ mainly consist of gadgets that have been around for years on the Android platform. So it’s time to take a closer look at iOS and iPadOS 14. The most important ‘novelties’ … Read more

Insurers are not allowed to use data from fitness trackers

Insurance companies may be banned from using data from fitness trackers and health apps. They should also not let their prices and coverage depend on a customer’s willingness to install such an app. The Economics Committee of the House has approved a PS bill to that effect. Electronics manufacturers are now bringing fitness trackers and … Read more