Yan Marchal, French amateur satirist, persona non grata in Thailand

Anti-government demonstration calling for reform of the monarchy, in Bangkok, November 14, 2021. SURAT SAPPAKUN / AP Known in Thailand for his satirical videos on TikTok, where he speaks Thai and mocks the government, Frenchman Yan Marchal was declared persona non grata when he arrived in Phuket on Saturday, November 27, returning from a trip … Read more

“Invitation to travel” is released, the project that collects the performances in homage to Franco Battiato from the Verona Arena

It has been almost six months since the Master Franco Battiato he left us… but not his music. Now go out Travel invitation. Concert for Franco Battiato, the work that contains all the performances of the concert that took place last September 21st at the Verona Arena. The live album will be available from December … Read more

China, very interested negotiator of the Iran nuclear deal

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (left) during a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Wang Yi (right), March 27, 2021 in Tehran. The two countries had signed a twenty-five-year strategic cooperation agreement that day. – / AFP While talks resume in Vienna (Austria), Monday, November 29, around Iranian nuclear power, China, signatory of the 2015 … Read more

Omicron variant: South Africa considers itself “unfairly discriminated against”

Travelers waiting to undergo a PCR test at OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg on November 27, 2021. PHILL MAGAKOE / AFP The South African authorities are bitter. The announcement of the discovery in their country of a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, called Omicron, caused a worldwide shock wave in twenty-four hours, indefinitely condemning South … Read more

The return of independents. Bands start to move on stage

short Music Non Stop no Facebook Since March 2020, the most varied cultural events have been canceled and banned to prevent the spread of Covid-19 transmission, which is more frequent in large agglomerations of people. Now, with the advance of vaccination against the disease and the decrease in the number of cases and deaths, social … Read more

Sanremo Giovani 2021: Five questions to Vittoria in the race with “California”

Among the 12 young artists who will play the two places between the Big del Sanremo Festival 2022 December 15 a Sanremo Youth 2021 there is Victory, a young Tuscan singer-songwriter who Amadeus and the commission Rai have chosen among the 21 winners of Area Sanremo 2021. For the occasion, we asked the girl some … Read more

Reinforced barrier gestures but no widespread teleworking: how companies are adapting to the new wave of Covid-19

Employees work on the assembly line of the Smart car plant in Hambach (Moselle) in July 2020. FREDERICK FLORIN / AFP Return to telework or a simple reminder of barrier gestures between employees on the sites? With the acceleration in the number of Covid-19 cases, coupled with the arrival of the new Omicron variant, feverishness … Read more

“Grande Sécu”: “The premiums of the complementary are doubly unequal, at the expense of the poorest and the oldest”

Tribune. During the health crisis, so that new care (tests, vaccination, telemedicine, etc.) could be quickly accessible free of charge to the entire population, it was decided to have them covered 100% by Social Security alone. For the sake of agility, we avoided the complexity of the usual two stages of financing, Social Security then … Read more

Presidential election in Honduras: the left-wing candidate is in the lead

Honduran presidential candidate Xiomara Castro, in Tegucigalpa, November 28, 2021. MOISES CASTILLO / AP Left-wing candidate Xiomara Castro (Freedom and Refoundation Party, Libre, left) takes the advantage for the presidency of Honduras against the dauphin of the outgoing right-wing president, in a country plagued by violence from drug traffickers, who have spread their corruption up … Read more

Video preview: Giovanni Gastel’s verses relive in Roberta Giallo’s music with “I was raised by monkeys”

The new single of the singer-songwriter came out a few days ago Roberta Yellow, I had been raised by monkeys, a song that anticipates the new album, Songs from the Museum, outgoing on December 3 per G-ROdischi. The video of the single is previewed today on All Music Italia. The disc Songs from the Museum … Read more