And the money does not appear: Chavismo gave millions of dollars to Danny Glover for a movie that was never made

Maduro and Glover (Photo Minci)

The American actor, Danny Glover, a friend of the Chavista regime, has been defending the Chavista dictatorship for years and has repeatedly criticized the sanctions imposed by the United States Government against the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro. because according to him “they put at risk the conquests achieved by the Bolivarian Revolution in the last 20 years.”

What Glover does not say is that he took 28 million dollars that also belong to Venezuelans and that Chávez and Maduro gave him to make a film that he never filmed, while the people of Venezuela are in need, they stand out from the opposition.

In 2007, the Finance Commission of the National Assembly of Venezuela (in those years in the hands of Chavismo), approved a loan of 38 million Bolívares Fuertes (at the time they were equivalent to about 18 million dollars) to the American actor Danny Glover, to carry out the production of a biographical film about the Haitian independence leader François Dominique Toussaint.

The economic contribution authorized at that time by President Hugo Chávez for that film, until now seems to have no answer: the film was not made and the millions of dollars have not been returned.

Like little; Later, with Maduro’s complacency, Glover was given another $ 10 million for the movie that he never made.

The question is, where are those millions that were given to Glover? While the actor continues to visit Caracas from time to time to support the regime, but no one talks about where those millions that Venezuelans are sorely missing today went to.

“You take the billions of dollars, which legitimately belonged to Venezuelans, impose sanctions so that they cannot use their own money and resources, and then you come to save them,” Glover said in an interview with The Real News Network, by doing allusion to Washington’s attitude against Venezuela, as reported by RT.

According to the president of the Human Rights Foundation (HRF), Thor Halvorssen, “Glover’s unworthy behavior in favor of the Venezuelan regime is the result of a greed that apparently knows no limits. In 2007, the actor received approximately $ 20 million to produce a movie that was never made. To date, Glover has made no attempt to return the money to the Venezuelan people. The payment was nothing more than a bribe disguised as a film production budget to secure Glover as a public relations agent for the dictatorship, ”says the human rights activist.

In April 2018, the international NGO Human Rights Foundation (HRF) condemned the visit of the UNICEF goodwill ambassador, Danny Glover, to Venezuela in order to “persevere in his efforts to mask the crimes of the dictator Nicolás Maduro” and asked that the actor was stripped of his ambassadorial title: HRF condemns UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador @mrdannyglover official visit to whitewash the crimes of the Venezuelan dictator @NicolasMaduro and ask @unicefchief Henrietta H. Fore to strip Glover of his official status ”.

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And the money does not appear: Chavismo gave millions of dollars to Danny Glover for a movie that was never made