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The movies of James Bond they are usually intended to be viewed as stand-alone action movies, with little real continuity between them. However, all of Daniel Craig’s films have been closely connected, with various characters and plot points repeating in each installment. The upcoming No Time to Die, which will be Craig’s last performance as the English superspy, is also tasked with closing the story lines created by the other four films. Therefore, the film will bring back characters from Daniel Craig’s entire career such as James Bond.

Below is a breakdown of all the previous Bond characters who have been confirmed to return in No Time to Die.

James Bond

Craig’s James Bond has been through a lot throughout his four films, but No time for dying finds the former 007 living a retired and leisurely life in Jamaica. He is located by Felix Leiter, who recruits him to return for one more mission: to locate a scientist who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. This leads James to Safin, who looks like a dark spy mirror.

After losing Vesper Lynd in Casino Royale, Bond is emotionally closed to everyone except Madeleine Swann. Madeleine manages to get out of her tough exterior in Spectre, but the trailers of No Time to Die They have hinted that she harbors a dark secret that can destroy herself and James.

Madeleine Swann

Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux) is the daughter of Specter’s former lieutenant, Mister White. After Bond saves his life several times over the course of Spectre, the two team up to defeat Blofeld and his organization’s data-gathering plot. In the end, she and James fall in love and go off into the sunset together. Unfortunately, the trailers for No Time to Die suggest that a sinister secret from their past could tear them apart, as Madeleine appears to have some kind of connection to the mysterious Safin.

Felix Head

After skipping Skyfall and Spectre, Jeffrey Wright returns as James Bond’s CIA contact Felix Leiter. Met James at Casino Royale, cementing their friendship by helping 007 beat the corrupt banker Le Chiffre at poker. On No Time to Die, Felix returns with a mission that will make the retired spy return to the battlefield, against an enemy different from those they have faced before.


Following the death of Judi Dench’s M in Skyfall, Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) took over as head of MI6. Unlike previous versions of the character, Mallory is not afraid to get her hands dirty, as evidenced by her participation in the climax of Spectre. On No time to die, M will have his hands full with both Bond and the new 007, Nomi.

Eve Moneypenny

Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) was featured in Skyfall as an MI6 field agent assisting James Bond on his missions. After accidentally shooting 007 from a train, Moneypenny quits field work and begins working as a secretary to M. En Spectre continues to play this role. Its status quo will probably remain at No time to die, although there is a possibility that Moneypenny will return to the field to help Bond once more.


As MI6 quartermaster, Q (Ben Whishaw) is the man responsible for distributing the technology to agents for use on their missions. It first appeared in Skyfall and came back for Spectre, with Bond becoming more and more comfortable pestering him at every appearance.

The trailers of No Time to Die have revealed that audiences will see a bit more of Q’s domestic life. Considering that he is no longer a member of MI6 at the time of the film, it appears that James Bond will have to visit Q while he’s off duty.

Bill Tanner

Bill Tanner (Rory Kinnear) is MI6’s chief of staff and M’s faithful right-hand man. He has appeared alongside M in every Bond film since Quantum of Solace, which means you’ve shared scenes with both Dench’s and Fiennes’s Ms. It is worth noting that the old drafts of the script from Spectre included the revelation that Tanner was a secret member of the titular organization, so No Time to the it certainly has some cool places to take the character.

Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Christoph Waltz reprises his role as Ernst Stavro Blofeld, the leader of the global crime syndicate Specter. He was the main villain of the previous film, which revealed that he is actually James Bond’s adoptive brother, Franz Oberhauser. James thwarted Blofeld’s plan to blow up the MI6 building with him and Madeleine inside, and MI6 took the mischievous villain into custody after Bond refused to kill him.

Blofeld remains in MI6 custody at the time of No time to die, and the trailers have indicated that it will be used to obtain information about Safin. In the latest international trailer for the film, Blofeld describes the new villain as a mutual enemy of his and James, suggesting that the film could reveal some hitherto unknown connection between the two madmen.

Doctor Vogel

Possibly the most surprising character to return is Dr. Vogel (Brigitte Millar), who last appeared in Spectre. Vogel is a member of Specter who attends the organization’s board of directors meeting in Rome, where he gives an account of his advances in human trafficking and global surveillance. The reunion is interrupted by the arrival of James Bond, and the members of Specter escape amid the chaos.

In the trailers of No time to die, Dr. Vogel appears at a party James attends. The party is interrupted when a kind of gas is released that causes the attendees to fall unconscious, although it does not seem to affect Bond.

Directed by Cary Fukunaga and starring Daniel Craig, No Time to Die will hit theaters on October 8.

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All Bond Characters Return in No Time to Die – nonenglishfeed