Alicia Vikander supports criticism of The Danish Girl and says trans actors should play cisgender characters

In recent years, much work has been done to recognize the rights of the community LGBTQ and the limitations that prevent them from developing in certain work areas. Hollywood is an example of contradiction, since the normal thing is to try to sell the idea of ​​inclusion, but the actors, scriptwriters and directors of the community constantly fight to be part of projects where they are not presented as objects full of the clichés that have been so popular. damaged public perception. One of the biggest challenges is the debate that is created around trans characters. The Danish Girl – 69%, for example, were recognized worldwide for putting a true story on the map, but many were upset with the casting of Eddie Redmayne, a cisgender man, as the protagonist.

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Although trans people have been present in many, many films, they are usually secondary characters, even sporadic appearances, where they play with the suspicion of whether or not operations have been performed, or are perceived as something that causes repulsion. One of the most talked about examples is Ace Ventura: Pet Detective – 42%, where it is revealed that Sean Young’s character is actually a man and everyone who took her for a sensual woman begins to vomit. Part of the problem is that when it’s not a bad joke, trans characters play cis actors, like Jared Leto in The Evicted Club – 94%, for which he also won an Oscar; and the aforementioned Redmayne who was also nominating for several awards, and who gave life to Lili, one of the first people to undergo sex reassignment surgery.

The criticism against these tapes is, by the way, nothing new. Since they were released they were frowned upon by the community, but it is true that in recent years communication has improved and their voices are heard much more in all the media. This has caused many of the performers to apologize for their association with these projects, while others defend their work. During a recent interview with Insider, Alicia Vikander spoke precisely about The Danish Girl, where she gave life to Gerda, Lili’s partner and ally. In this talk, the actress recognized that there should be more jobs for trans actors:

I fully understand the criticism that has been given because we need to make a change and we need to ensure that trans men and women can really get involved and have jobs.

Vikander also explained that the real goal will be for trans actors to have a lot more possibilities:

My only concern is that we need to get to a point at the end where we have trans men and women playing cis characters. Because this is the most important thing, you know?

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With that said, the actress defended her partner’s work on the Tobe Hooper film:

When we made the movie it was a great learning experience. I think Eddie did a wonderful job on the role.

In 2015, when it was released The Danish Girl and when the first criticisms of his performance were given, Redmayne himself spoke in an interview with IndieWire on the matter:

It is a really important discussion. And I think it’s also a sign of a lot of discrimination against trans people in the workplace.

Many trans people worked on the film. A trans actress, Rebecca Root, plays a cisgender nurse in the film.

Vikander’s response adds to the conversation about trans actors. One of the biggest complaints from the public is that an actor must be able to play whatever character he is, regardless of gender and sexual preference, so a cis actor playing trans shouldn’t be a problem. However, the matter does not go there. Yes, an actor must give life to whoever it is, but over the years it has been shown that this premise is not followed when we talk about trans actors, who are only offered trans secondary roles or victims of teasing. On the other hand, when it comes to a serious role with great possibilities for world recognition, the opportunity is given to a cis actor. When the world of cinema is genuinely inclusive in all aspects, from fiction to reality for those who work behind the scenes, then it will not be criticized that the best actor is chosen for a leading role, trans or not trans, gay or not. .

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Alicia Vikander supports criticism of The Danish Girl and says trans actors should play cisgender characters