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  • Adam Brody feels that he connected so well with his character from ‘The Little Detective’ that he even managed to give him part of his own essence.

MEXICO CITY.- Growing up sucks. Adam Brody and Abe Applebaum, his character from the movie Little Detective, agree on this.

Between 2003 and 2007 the actor was an idol for millions due to the series The OC, a phenomenon about troubled youth from Orange County.

Sarcastic and lonely, but charming, Seth Cohen, his role, allowed Brody to be on the posters of teenage bedrooms and be the cover of many magazines.

Currently 41, the San Diego native carries a cross: he is constantly reminded of The OC. It remains his most brilliant work, because, perhaps, it overshadows everything that follows.

The Little Detective, which has stunned festival critics with its dark humor and depth, and brought Brody back on everyone’s lips, doesn’t sound all that different from its own path.

“I think I brought a lot of my own melancholy to this character,” he says in an interview.

As a child, Abe would solve any mystery, intrigue, secret, with his enormous deductive talent, but at 31 he navigates between guilt, anxiety, drunkenness and the idea that, in reality, he may be a fraud that lives off his old fame.

“More than any success I have had in the past, more than any unfulfilled promise that I think I am, the difficult thing for me is getting old, being of an age where time is of the essence.

“If I don’t keep those promises I made as a boy today, maybe it will never happen anymore,” he muses.

In Evan Morgan’s debut feature, the not-so-young Abe, however, faces the challenge of his life.

A blonde (Sophie Nélisse) finally brings you the first adult case of her career: finding out who brutally murdered her husband.
“Finally, a chance to prove who I am,” says Abe.

“I can feel that this film represents that phrase,” agrees Brody. “It is one of the roles that has given me the most pleasure. In addition, the greatest, for the time of appearance on the screen. But I love the movie in general.

“I love the dialogues. I love this character, who fits like a glove for me. I could not have something more tied to my own sensitivity. Yes, it was an opportunity to test me ”.

It will not stop there: Brody confesses to having plans to write and direct his own films.

He is excited to be super

Besides The Little Detective, the recent project that has given the actor the most visibility is perhaps the comedy Shazam! (2019), where he plays the superhero version of “Freddy” (Jack Dylan Grazer), the disabled boy who helps Billy, the protagonist, to deal with his powers.

“I’m very excited for the next one (Shazam! Fury of Gods). I already want to read the script, the story, full of curiosity. That movie has a lot of room to exploit physical comedy.

“With the first I really enjoyed the scale of the project, I had never been in something so big. Doing the action scenes, putting on the suit, the flight sequences… it was something very different ”.

“I believe that I will never be satisfied with my mortality: I will never be at peace with the passage of time and what that means for life.”


Brody, married to fellow actress Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) since 2014, became a father for the second time during the pandemic. Extremely reserved about his private life, he limits himself to confirming that it was a child.

“We had a new baby, a new member of the family. It has been great to be home with him and my whole family, welcoming him.

“On the other hand, these are stressful times (due to the coronavirus). We are processing them, but we have been very lucky ”.

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Adam Brody’s Mirror – Lights of the Century