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Cinderella makes us wonder if it was necessary to re-adapt the story of one of the most popular Disney princesses.

Cinderella is one of the most popular films of Disney, and over the years it has been the benchmark for many situations that today are questioned by the women of the world, because the story exposes a world dominated by the power of the crown, where the greatest virtues of women are their goodness, the ability to please other people, and beauty that allows you to pursue the dream of marriage -which is used as equivalent to a happy life-.

The constant struggle for inclusion and the representation of closer stories have allowed the cinema to bet on the recognition of minorities that is becoming more and more present, and this is how it comes to Amazon Prime Video this new adaptation of the Cinderella, which shows a non-binary fairy godmother or a Latin Cinderella (played by the Cuban-American) Camila Cabello.

But Does this new production manage to transform the message of the Disney classic? Do you give girls and women courage to fight for their dreams and question what is right and wrong in society?

How to empower a princess?

Before the remake written and directed by Kay Cannon, we met the version of Mark Rosman: maker of The new Cinderella, movie starring Hilary Duff that already gave us a taste of how to modernize a fairy tale through the story of a teenager whose greatest desire is to go to the university of Princeton, this while facing the greed of his evil stepmother.

However the new tape of Columbia Pictures decides to return to the classic through a story full of fantasy, in which his development ends up taking away the weight of the message it advertises about female empowerment, since it stays in the middle at all times.

Yes OK Kay Cannon bet on a more independent, self-confident and talented princess, the film fragments until it loses the true objective of the message it intends to send, since it falls at a point where fails to develop a conflict that keeps the viewer attentive and that strengthens the narrative, therefore ends up holding only the musicals, which are well executed.

The character of Camila Cabello She tried to redefine gender roles by wanting to become a businesswoman, but the focus is quickly lost because the film tried to underline this dialogue with that of other characters such as that of the prince’s sister, who wants to be the successor to the crown.

Cinderella’s true message

The creator of this new remake –Kay Cannon– I had every intention of making the characters shine on their own, but the script ended up limiting its true essence to the extreme, since it does not offer opportunities to exploit the personality of each one of them, even with all the elements that it put in their favor, such as music and its interpreters.

Cinderella It ends up becoming a bottomless musical that gives us emotional moments, but nothing more, because it does not elevate the value of the story, it only distracts us from an unclear sequence where each character has a dream that does not reach a point of reflection.

Cinderella Yes, it can be a reference for future generations because it complies with the fantasy genre of the film, in addition to presenting a novel touch that can be inspiring for children, since exposing a reality of which we are all part is a valuable ingredient for tell a fairy tale.

Unfortunately although the message of the feature film pursuing the ideal of the feminine revolution remains half in development, to the extent that when he is about to achieve his dream the film cuts off abruptly, imitating the happy ending of a fairy tale.


What do Cinephiles and Cinephiles think? You saw Cinderella on Amazon Prime Video?

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A necessary adaptation? – nonenglishfeed