A French Seducer by Laurent Tirard (with Jean Dujardin)

A French seducer‘is the new work of Laurent Tirard, filmmaker who directed the 2016 French version of the Argentine blockbuster ‘Corazón de León’. On this occasion he recovers the period film and adventure comedy, a genre in which French cinema has stood out in the past with directors such as Jean-Paul Rappeneau or Philippe De Broca.

Set in the late reign of Napoleon Bonaparte, ‘A French seducer‘tells how Captain Neuville wants to marry young Pauline under the suspicious gaze of her older sister, Elisabeth. While the captain goes to war, her sister writes letters to Pauline to console her, posing as Neuville, who in her stories turns into a true war hero when in reality he is a cowardly deserter. However, in a short time the captain will end up reappearing and the mess begins.

In the film, as charming as it is predictable and with an evident formal classicism, the refined style and elegance go hand in hand with the dynamism, the crazy rhythm and the picaresque characters typical of the french adventure comedies. Turning to the nineteenth century is worth the director to talk about current society in an indirect way because the subjects portrayed are still very current, such as the desire to get money and social status through lies and appearances. The film is full of nods to the 21st century, such as the Madoff scheme, the climbers, and the sycophants. Too portrays the ability to reinvent ourselves. The dialogues between the main characters give a lot of play from the first minutes of the footage and are really fresh, fleeing at all times the confinement typical of the time.

Jean Dujardin in a scene from “A French Seducer.” Source: DeAPlaneta

Solvency in the interpretation of the Oscar winner Jean Dujardin, brilliant in films such as ‘Connection Marseille’ and in the acclaimed ‘The Artist’, is a value for the film as well as discovering a new cinematographic couple like the one he forms with Elisabeth beaugrand, who fluently interprets his character without trying to be funny or exaggerated. If the protagonists are great, the supporting actors are not far behind either.

A French seducer‘is a comedy that is handled correctly in a harmless and conventional humor that is not tiring. Everything in the film has something cartoonish and masquerade. But perhaps, what we will remember most about this fun and entertaining film, is precisely the feminist reading that can be extracted from it, since the interesting thing about Elisabeth’s character, beyond her comic side, is that she fights for improve the social position of women in the macho society of the early nineteenth century.

a tour de force by the filmmaker Laurent Tirard that is worth seeing because, beyond the fact that there will be those who want to give it a lower value, there is the genuine flavor of comedy. May the cinema also help us to laugh, please.

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A French Seducer by Laurent Tirard (with Jean Dujardin)