30 reasons we like Ryan Gosling

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The canadian Ryan Gosling is one of Hollywood’s superstars, twice nominated for an Oscar for best actor (for ‘Half Nelson’, 2006 and ‘La La Land’, 2016) and who has played great roles in other films such as ‘Noa’s diary’, ‘Blue Valentine’ or ‘Blade Runner 2049’.

Gosling has also committed to several social causes, like the investigation of AIDS, the end of poverty or respect for animals. One of her hobbies is making furniture, she loves carpentry, a skill that he learned precisely in ‘Noa’s diary’. He has a group and his specialty is jazz, where he has stood out as a vocalist and singer. Today he is 40 years old and we could continue talking about his long professional career as an actor or as a director but, let’s face it, we have other slightly more trivial reasons to adore him.

Because even that jacket looks good on him

For or against the pajama-style jacket that the actor wore at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival? You may like it or not, but it fits him like a glove, just like the ‘dandy’ shoes.

Because it is natural

Does the bow tie bother you? Well, you put it on (if you can) and you make a terrible face of not supporting so much protocol. That happened to Gosling at the premiere of ‘Drive’ in Cannes (2011).

Because it’s half of one of the chicest couples in Hollywood

He has been with fellow actress Eva Mendes for years, with whom he has two daughters, Esmeralda Amanda, who was born in 2014 and Amanda Lee, born in 2016. They met on the set of ‘Crossroads’ and married in early 2016.

Because we have been with him a lifetime

Gosling became known as one of the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ host boys, back in the mid-90s. In this photo, sitting next to him on the ground, we can see Britney Spears; standing, in a sleeveless dress, Christina Aguilera and on the far right, Justin Timberlake. Blessed adolescence.

Because he has a music group

It’s called Dead man’s bones, and it’s made up of Zach Shields, the drummer, and Gosling, who sings and plays the piano. They have released an album and their style is towards folk-rock with a dark point.

Because it is favored until shaved

It seems that Gosling all the ‘beauty looks’ favor him. It has rained since this image, but we can say that it is also great with the cut to 1.

Because he leaves his best jacket for a charitable cause

In this case, the actor left this signed, two-tone padded jacket for an auction by the SAG Foundation in favor of his literacy and emergency aid projects.

Because he has a discreet tattoo

On his left forearm, very close to the elbow, the Canadian sports a monster’s hand dropping a bloody heart. Now for the fun part: he admits that he looks like a cactus because he made it himself with a tattoo kit.

Because he does whatever it takes for his dog

His name is George and we have seen him on the street, at the airport and in the arms of his master. Gosling is a great lover of animals and has several times been involved in initiatives for their defense.

Because he drinks beer

Yes, he is a normal boy, not the typical exquisite who spends all day taking care of himself with the bottle of water. So if you want to have a beer with him, you won’t feel guilty!

Because it has a peculiar style

He puts on a maroon cardigan, jeans, an indecipherable print ethnic T-shirt, an XXL pendant and goes to buy food and is still ‘The King’.

Because he takes his family to the red carpet

In addition to stepping on it with the handsome and famous on duty, Gosling does not hesitate to take his family with him. With his mother Donna we have already seen him in several saraos, but in this installment of the 2007 Oscars he also took his sister Mandi.

Because he is attractive with glasses

Everything suits this man; even these black plastic glasses that he wore at a 2011 charity party at the Cannes Film Festival.

Because it is supportive

And not just with animals. He has shown his face in the Darfur famine, in galas to raise funds against AIDS and even in informal conversations about how to improve his host country (USA). A few years ago we saw him ‘eat the cereals’ in tribute to all the memes that the late Ryan McHenry dedicated to him.

Because he dated Sandra Bullock

Yes, he was a kid when he did it and he didn’t care. They met on the set of “Murder 1-2-3” and lasted just over a year. Apparently, it all ended when actor Hugh Grant laughed at the age difference between them.

Because he doesn’t mind doing anything on stage

Like making out with Rachel McAdams, when they received Kiss of the Year at the MTV Movie Awards for their cuddles in “Noa’s Diary.” It was the year 2005.

Because it follows fashion trends

That shearling-lined coat kills us with these heats, but Gosling knows the latest in men’s accessories are maxi bags.

Because he doesn’t mind carrying the house on his back

Gosling doesn’t lose his rings if he has to transport large boxes on a move, and he even goes to great lengths to do it as easily as possible.

Because he doesn’t take himself seriously

You are on a red carpet, you are with George Clooney himself and … what can you think of doing to give life to the subject? Paint the photocall poster and draw a mustache for your friend. Brilliant.

Because it supports the fans

He takes pictures with them, greets them, takes selfies, signs autographs … And with all the patience in the world. Charming.

Because I was cute when I was young

There is no doubt that he has improved, but in this image from Sundance 2001 he was already pointing out ways: the look, the smile …

Because he has good friends

Gosling is one of the best-connected actors in the ‘star system’. We have seen him with Sean Penn, with Marley Shelton, with Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick and with the Smith-Pinkett family, among other celebrities.

Because he is able to put on ‘that’ shirt

Face it: you wouldn’t give it away to your ex or your enemy. But Ryan Gosling puts it on, pairs it with gray dress pants, and it’s even funny.

Because she has no qualms about kissing a man

It was after Nicolas Winding Refn received the Palme d’Or at Cannes for Best Director for “Drive” (2011). Olé!

Cause only he would wear those shoes

Classic men’s shoes with a slightly higher heel than usual, and white details in geometric shapes. He wore them at the Canadian premiere of ‘The Ides of March’.

Because it’s like a child …

Ryan Gosling isn’t shy about signing up for any blitz, like jumping into a giant tire to slide on snow at a movie (in this case, ‘Blue Valentine’) launch party.

… and because he gets along with children

He does not mind making faces, holding them, playing with them … so he will be (we assume) an excellent father for Esmeralda Amada. Here we see him with actress Faith Wladyka, at the Sundance presentation of ‘Blue Valentine’.

Because it also has a ‘blue steel’ look

One of the actor’s most fascinating features is his gaze and blue eyes. Do you have to explain why?

Because it’s also cool tousled

He doesn’t always show up in his best clothes; sometimes he forgets to comb his comb and put on his tie, but what difference does it make!

Because hats suit him …

… And look, you don’t have a particularly good taste choosing them. He does not know how to combine them, and who would wear a wool hat to a summer event, but that face that he has favors everything.

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30 reasons we like Ryan Gosling