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The greatest website ever. That's a big claim. Luckily, Bofa D's has what it takes to back it up. Like deez nuts jokes? Boom! We have the world's largest collection of deez nuts jokes. Have you ever watched cartoons? Wham! The Adventures of Deez and Big Country (and Scrobie) are cartoons! Like Top Ten Lists? Schwiiiing! Our collection of top ten lists will blow your mind! Love monkeys? We've got a barrel full of 'em! Like looking at athletes grab their nuts? We've got that too. Simply put, Bofa D's has something for everyone ... except lame people.

If you don't like Bofa D's, you probably don't love America, in which case, we don't want you reading it anyway (but feel free to click on our ads).

Although the look is different, the mission is the same - providing only the best comedy that we have to offer. Call it a mission, a calling, or a pathetic attempt at getting attention.  Either way, we're pretty confident that Bofa D's is the Greatest Website Ever.

So basically, the only question left is ... Have you seen Bofa?



Great Moments in Sports ... and Nuts: The greatest moments in sports often coincide with testicles.


Master Baster: Did your Thanksgiving suck ... this Thanksgiving cartoon will cheer you up.



 Tribute to Big Butter Jesus:

Touchdown jesus

Big Butter Jesus, also known as Touchdown Jesus, met an untimely end.


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Deep Thought: Why do people say insane things to people using crutches?



Stock Tips: The economic downturn has hurt us all.  But sometimes, a website comes along that gives you a stock tip that makes you rich.  This may be that site.



The Adventures of Deez and Big Country  NEW!

Deez pulls some hilarious pranks on Big Country in this series of animated comics.  This page features new episodes regularly so check back often!

Animals Telling Deez Nuts Jokes  NEW!

Animal comedians prove they are funny by telling deez nuts jokes

The Meeting

A boss calls his employee into a meeting about whether he should commit suicide. Hilarity ensues.

Bum Picking Gibbon

bum picking gibbon

Instant classic featuring monkeys doing something kinda gross ... it really doesn't get any better than that.

Bindy The Monkey

Bindy Goes to Vegas

If the idea of a traveling stuffed monkey appeals to you, check this out.  Otherwise, you're better off doing something else.

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  • "If you haven't read Bofa D's, you aren't even in the game"  - possibly a quote from some important pro sports guy.